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Elías y Cristobal

Estrella Cuevas, Paula Martínez y Jaime Martín

reporteros de  6º B


Last Wednesday 13 th of June, we celebrated as usual the English Party

This year we have based it on Scotland. The main goal of the party is to encourage the children to speak English to communicate and learn about Scotland through the activities. Among them there were:

- Scottish Dance: a traditional wedding dance.

- Lock Ness Monster: where children had to fish pairs of pictures and words.

- Highland games: where they practiced a traditional sport "caber toss" and they had a peculiar contact with the haggis (a typical food) in the haggis throw game.

- Castle Quizz: a contest of questions about Scotland.

The children in the sixth grade led the activities, explaning them in English and encouraging the players.

Some students were at the classrooms helping the little ones to make a booklet and watching the film "Brave".

The children arrived home very excited and telling all the activities to their families. Apparently the best activity was "Haggis Throw".

We hope they keep celebrating this party for many years!

Scottish Dance

Caber Toss

Haggis throw

Lock Ness Monster 

Castel Quiz

We make a booklet

Live music performance "Scotland the Brave"

Story telling Goldilocks

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