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Elías y Cristobal


As every year this year we celebrated Halloween decorating the school entrance hall with a big mural. Our  English teachers: María, Ana, Cristina, Raquel and Lorena were in charge of preparing this beautiful mural. Each one of the classes prepared different crafts for the exhibition with halloween characters or objects. Pre-primary children have made black cats, ghosts and pumpkins. The first and second levels in Primary prepared mummies and owls, respectively. The children in the third grade made some scary monsters while the fourth grade made some spooky vampires. The fifth grade made some witches. Finally, the sixth grade has prepared a lot of big haunted houses.
Apart from the mural they have done different activities in their classes: 4 years old painted pumkins and spiders , the sang songs and listened to Halloween stories. 5 years olds painted pumkins vampires and they played games. 1st and 2nd grade played a bingo game on Halloween vocabulary.

 Paola Sánchez, Zaida Trinca y Daniel Blázquez

reporteros de  6º  B y 4º B

The works performed by the pupils look this nice

Activities carried oud in the classrooms

We are so scary!

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